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It Was Always Her Choice Cover

My Review

I was given an ARC of It Was Always Her Choice for an honest review.

It was Always Her Choice is Susanne Lovely’s debut novel and sometimes when there is a debut novel I am always a little hesitant on how good it is going to be, but Susanne does a really good job. I couldn’t put it down. There was romance, intrigue, a little BDSM, some kink, and some really good sex. The story and the characters really drew me into the book. I was so into the story that even when the characters would do something that I didn’t like I would want to scream. That of course made my husband think I was crazy but I just couldn’t help it. Plus to make the story even better the majority of the book took place in wonderful Greece. I was so upset with the story when it ended because I just didn’t want it to end. I will definitely be reading any books that Susanne writes in the future. 5 Stars

book coverMy Review:
I received an ARC for an honest review.
I really liked Hasty Resolution. From the moment I started reading I couldn’t put it down. Sam did a really good job at showing us the real people behind her characters Jake and Liz. This book was a weird kidnap/captive story. Jake has PTSD and kidnaps Liz who is a teacher with 3 kids and an awful husband. He takes her away and they actually end up with a weird kind of friendship. Liz sees the real Jake and he knows he can’t keep her since she has a life somewhere else. Jake even gives Liz chances to leave but she doesn’t. Why should she when she is with someone who actually wants her and not a man who wants to change her. I really fell in love with this story and the way that Sam wrote it. I can’t wait to read more of her stories in the future.5 Stars


ChristmasConfusionCover-Final1600 logoMy Review: 5 Stars

When I first started reading Christmas Confusion I wasn’t sure how it would be. It was a little slow in the first chapter. Once I got past that I was really into it. I really liked the characters Bailey and Max.

The whole story starts with Bailey running out of her apartment because she sees white mice. She runs to her only neighbor on their floor and finds him half-naked. Unfortunately Bailey thinks he is gay. Max goes to the apartment and finds out that they are just mice that have been missing from down stairs.

Soon after that Bailey meets Max’s brother Greg but doesn’t know that they are brothers, she thinks that they are lovers. Bailey and Greg become really good friends and Max thinks that they are together. Little do they know that it is Greg that is the gay one and not Max.

This story was really fun to read. With all of the ups and downs, fun and drama. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read more from Monica Garry-Allen





My Review: 4 Stars

If you are looking for a quick and easy read, Christmas Fantasy is it. I read this book within a day. I really liked it.

In this story we are introduced to Alyssa Blakely. She has two sisters that are very close. Each year the keep a diary that has fantasies that they made up and they are supposed to reveal them each year at Christmas. Alyssa fantasizes about her boss Devin Jordan. We can fantasize Deven as very Alpha male who is ruggedly handsome with blonde hair and a goatee.

While Alyssa is fantasizing about Devin she doesn’t know that Devin is fantasizing about her. Although Devin has some secrets. He has been doing a very good job at hiding them also.

I really liked how the story was written. I fell in love with all of the characters, Alyssa’s sisters and Devin’s brothers. There was some drama that I really got into reading. I wish the story was a little longer but that just makes us want to read more. 🙂 This book is a must read.

Make Me CoverMy Review

Make me was such a good book. I want to sure at first because everyone naturally involved in the story are all in high school and I didn’t think I would connect with any of the story but I was wrong. Amanda Heath did really well writing this story.

Paisley is a 17 year old girl who has had a really hard life. She lives in a trailer park with her drugged out mother and 2 year old sister. She has had to take care of her sister bee-bee since she was born and even had to take care of herself forever. She has a best friend that lives a couple of doors down where she can at least eat dinner. One day after school Paisley comes home to get mother dead from a drug overdose. She always thought she would come home to find her mother that way. That evening an older lady comes over and tells her that she actually has a lot of money, her mother Is from a very rich family and Paisley father, who passed away a long time ago was also very rich and Paisley and bee-bee are going to love with their family. At first Paisley can’t believe what is going on but goes with it since there is nothing else she can do. That is where she meets Channing.

Channing also has had a rough life but not in the same way as Paisley. He grew up rich but had a very hard mother. While Paisley mother didn’t care about her, Channing mother cared to much. His discipline was really rough. When his mother passed away his adoptive father, mothers husband at the time, took over and he was raised better.

Channing and Paisley are trying really hard not to be attracted to each other but it is a really hard fight. They see each other at school and at home. They both have the same grandmother, on their fathers side.

All of the drama that goes on in this story makes the story so real. We all have drama in our family’s. Paisley and Channing fight their attraction but in the end it just feels inevitable. I really liked this story and difinately recommend.

Second Chance at Love CoverReview

Second Chance At Love is Tara’s first book in the MacKenna Born & Bred Trilogy. It’s a really good start. The story was so well written that I absolutely fell in love with the characters.

Brooke has been gone from home for a really long time until she gets some tragic news and has to return home. Being away from home, Brooke has become a successful adult and doesn’t want to relive the past she was trying to forget. Mostly she didn’t want to relive the past with Logan, the relationship she doesn’t want to relive. Logan has also moved on and has a pretty good life but he just can’t seem to get over Brooke.

I really liked this book. I loved reading about all of the Mackenna men. I just sped right through the story. It just really captured me and I felt like I was there. Tara went back and forth in the chapters from present and past but the story line was really good that you couldn’t even tell. It was like being in a memory of your own. There were also a coupld of drama parts that I loved. A really great book and can’t wait for more!

CharitysSecrets_AmazonMy Review
Review for Charity’s Secrets by Maya James
(Book provided by author for honest review.)

Charity’s Secrets is the second story and you most definitely read book 1 Charity’s Warrior. This story takes off right where Charity’s Warrior ended.

Charity and Justin made it through the whole ordeal in book 1 and are ready to live their lives. Charity is hiding something from Justin that can end it all. Justin is trying to just make it all work out but he knows that she is hiding something. He just doesn’t know that the secret will just hit closer to home.

I really liked this book a lot and give it 5 stars. There are some really hot scenes so be prepared. 🙂

Footprints CoverMy Review  5 Stars

Footprints is a great story about letting your guard down and finding true love.

Riley had said bye to her father for the last time when she saw him off on a deployment mission. That was ten years ago. Now she doesn’t’ go to parties, date, or get attached to men. Especially military men. Now she’s in college and she still keeps people at a distance, afraid to let anyone get too close.

Then she met Tanner. At first she is determined to keep her distance. She can’t stand the chance of someone else being taken away from her.

Tanner knows he is leaving on a mission soon and wants so bad to stay with Riley. He just can’t fight his feeling for her. Finally their feeling are admitted and Tanner has to leave.

I really liked this book and Nicky did a great job. A must read!

My Review: 3 Stars

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. I didn’t read books 1 or 2 so at first I was a little lost. I think I should have read them first and I may still do that. 🙂

I really liked Ally in the story but I didn’t learn very much about her. She was a little quiet and never said anything about what she was feeling. I also wanted to know Nick’s secret and the suspense was killing me. I just wanted him to spit it out. 🙂 The was also a lot of skipping around. I did like the story but I think if I had read the other stories first a lot would have made more sense.

new goodreads rewired cover

My Review: 5 Stars

Book 3 had a lot of fun in it. Charlie is still trying to figure out how to help Jesse and try to fix him. At least to fix him as much as possible. Jesse is dealing with so much in this story. He is really trying to make things work between himself and Charlie but isn’t doing the best job. Charlie is trying to make things work for Jesse but she can’t get over Sam. She loves both of them but in different ways. Charlie can’t seem to let Sam go and Jesse knows it. He is trying desperately to give Charlie everything but he knows that it just isn’t enough. The final story Rewired was really good. I was happy with how it ended. You find out a lot of things about Jesse and his past and you see how much Charlie loves him even though it is the love of friendship. Jesse really struggled in this book but it all worked out for them. A MUST READ!!!



My Review: 5 Stars

I was devastated with how Progress (Book 1) ended that I couldn’t wait to read book 2- Interrupted. At the end of Progress Charlene and Jesse finally take their relationship further that just friendship and Charlene walks away. She thinks that it is the right thing to do for him but it not only devastates Jesse but it messes up Charlene also. Jesse decides that he can’t be in the same place that Charlene is and decides to move away. He transfers to another job and leaves with out saying anything. While he is away Charlene moves on and finds someone new. She is quickly falling for this new guy, Samuel but still misses Jesse. She can’t completely let him go from her life but she has to move on. Charlie and Sam make their lives great for each other and Charlie is really happy. She has a new job, new responsibilities and a new love. There is some horrible things that Charlie has to go through but she makes it through with her family’s help.

On the other side of the story is Jesse. His bipolar disease isn’t helping him at work and he is still heart broken over Charlie. He doesn’t know what to do. He can’t seem to do well with his job, his womanizing ways have returned and he can’t get Charlene out of his mind. He has to make the decision to stay there and try to do better or to just move back but have to be able to deal with being around Charlie again.

I loved this story as much as the first one. I was getting so frustrated in parts and was really pulling for Charlie, Sam, and Jesse. They have to deal with so much and I had no clue how the story was going to end up. I was twisting and turning all over the place. A must read!

818sHNLGQBL._SL1500_My Review:5 Stars

I really liked this story. At first I wasn’t too sure about how the story will go because it seemed a little weird and jumped around a little plus it is different from what I have been reading lately. It turned out to be really good. I read the whole story in about 2 days. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. I was really sad that the story ended in a cliff hanger though. I didn’t want the story to end. Amy did really well with the beginning story of Jesse and Charlene.

schasmbookcover_new  5 Stars

I have to admit at first this story confused me and I wasn’t sure what was going on. How is a girl in one world and then she starts to day dream and she is in a different world. This girl Chloe day dreams and one minute she is in the 20’s in France and then next she is in present time San Diego. I wasn’t sure what was going on. As soon as I got through the first two chapters I got really into the story. In fact I couldn’t put it down. I read the whole book in about 2 days.

There were so many ups and downs in this story and just as it was getting good and you think you know what is going to happen next, the story gets switched and you don’t know what will happen next. I ended up really liking this story. I was really sad that the story ended in a cliff hanger. I didn’t want it to end! I also this this movie would make an excellent movie. I will definitely recommend this story to everyone and can’t wait for the next part!

81LdrlDey0L._SL1500_  4 Stars

This story was really HOT! If you are not into erotica then maybe this story wouldn’t be for you. There was a lot in it. Slave to Passion was really well written though and makes for a very good novella.

Slave to Passion involves two attorneys, Madison and Hunter, who have always been against each other until Hunter buys into Madison’s law firm and becomes a partner. Hunter soon decides that he has some feeling for Madison and wants to take a chance and see where it goes.

Madison has always given to everyone else in her life, her husband, her two teenage children and her job. Now after getting divorced she is becoming stronger and taking care of herself. When Hunter decides to change the rules of their relationship Madison has to decide if she wants to change herself also.

The reason that I gave this story a 4 star is because there wasn’t enough of a story for me. I would have liked to read a little more of a back story but I did really like the book and would read it again anytime.

Play 900  5 Stars

First off I want to say that I loved this book! It was so much fun to read. There is a lot of romance, loving, frustration (from the characters), and comedy in this book. Holly Roberts did a great job!

Play is about a girl named Rebecca who meets a football player named Killian. He saved her from a guy from his team at a party and from then on she couldn’t stop thinking about him. After a month he sends her tickets to his first pre-season game and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. After the game Killian and Rebecca goes back to his house and from then on it is a whirl wind of a relationship. Rebecca can’t get enough of him and Killian feels the same way about her. The one thing that Rebecca can’t stand about Killian is that when it is game day he is completely in the zone and doesn’t talk or do anything. It is very frustrating.

There is so much that I want to say about this book but I don’t want to give it all away so I will leave it at this… A MUST READ!!!

rotten cover reveal 1  5 Stars

This book was really good. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if the book was going to be about bullying, depression, or about a romance that has gone bad. It turned out to be a little bit of everything. There was so much comedy in this book that I couldn’t help but have people look at me funny because I was busy laughing or smiling at the story.

Rotten is about a girl named Antoinette, Toni, and a boy named David. They grew up together and were very close. In high school Toni had it really rough because people always made fun of her. Tony’s father was the owner of a strip club a little ways outside of Las Vegas. It was pretty classy and a lot of people would go there. Because of this everyone always said that Toni was a slut but she really wasn’t. She had good grades and pretty shy. She did know how to take care of herself though. Her father taught her all about Motorcycles and cars and David taught her how to fight and protect herself. Something happened that pushed Toni out of the town when she graduated high school and she moved away to go to college, vowing never to go back home. She never did until 12 years later something horrible happened and she had to come home. She didn’t know what to do being back home after all this time. Toni learned some new lessons about David, her father, and herself.

The relationship between the fast talking David Stark and Toni Knox is great. That was my favorite aspect about the whole book. I would recommend this book any day. There is some sexual innuendos though, mostly from David, so if that isn’t your thing then don’t read the book but I think it just makes the book better. Again, LOVED IT!

13606971 5 Stars

af556-aphroditeswar25 Stars

Heaven Sent Ebook 4 Stars

181059435 Stars

a1804-9781472017123_cover5 Stars

38629-15768490  5 Stars

Cover   5 Stars

13606971 5 Stars

13606970    5 Stars

13606393      5 Stars

1004673_150495981819605_608393413_n   5 Stars

18219089   5 Stars

All I can say is I loved this book! I was lucky enough to get an arc copy of this book. J.S. Cooper has done it again. I have loved all of her books so far and i’m sure I will continue to love all of her stories. Cooper did such a great job with writing this story that I can read it over and over again.

Crazy Beautiful Love is about the bad boy in town Logan Martelli. He and his family have such a bad reputation in the small town that they live in. Every one thinks that their whole family is just bad. Then walks in or rather runs in Maddie, the mayors daughter. Logan and his family have grown up hating the mayor and his family because of their fathers pasts. But even though he knows he shouldn’t Logan can’t seem to keep himself away from Maddie since he first laid eyes on her. Logan tries countless times to not want to be around her but they are like magnets and keep going back together.

Even though this was a stand alone story I cant wait to read the next stories about Logans two brothers, Vincent and Jared. This book was funny, exciting, and sexy. Too hot for anyone under 18. 😉 One little spoiler though… You will never be able to look at Victorias Secret the same again!

17611022   5 Stars

Taste The Heat was such a cute story. It had some comedy, love, sadness, betrayal, and fun. I give this story 5 stars and can’t wait to hear more about all of the other characters.

The story takes place in New Orleans where the main character Colby is returning home after a very long time away working in a huge kitchen in Vegas. Colby is returning home to face some issues and help her big brother out in his family’s kitchen. While in New Orleans Colby runs into her child hood crush and brothers best friend Jason. Jason is a dreamy guy that everyone would be able to fall in love with. Jason is a firefighter in their small town and has a teenage daughter Emma that he is doing a great job raising. Colby and Jason decide to have a summer fling since Colby will be returning to Vegas at the end of the season. But will it turn into more?

This book was so much fun. I loved all of the twists and turns. The story made me tear up, laugh, and just fall in love with all of the characters! I can’t wait to read more from Rachel Harris! She is a great author and really gets her audience engaged in the story and the characters. A big High 5 to Rachel. 🙂

18088064  3 Stars

How would you feel if the whole life that you thought you had and loved was a lie? Your husband, who you are, and your whole life that you have been living.

That is what happened to Spencer Bishop when she met Aiden. Aiden goes on to tell Spencer that this isn’t her life and that she is really in love with him and Aiden is in love with Spencer. Spencer finds out that she has a great destiny and needs to remember everything in order to fulfill that destiny and save heaven from evil.

At the beginning of the story I was a little unsure about where the story was going to go, especially since this story was completely different from what I was used to. I gave the book a chance and continued reading and got really into it. The story was gripping with many twists and turns. The story’s plot was a little hard to follow in the beginning because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but when Aiden started to reveal stuff to Spencer the story started to make a lot more sense and I really liked it.

For this being the author’s first story it was really good. Wicked Souls did have a cliff hanger though and I can’t wait for more.

815V9Fd3VCL._SL1500_  5 Stars

The Escape is an intriguing story of love, happiness, and a little tragedy. The book starts off with the main character Annabelle and her best friend Harper driving to Tennessee. They decided to move out to the country after the horrible murder of Anna’s parents who were an OB and a cardiologist in New York. With the help of Harper and her wonderful parents Anna was able to move on from the horrible ordeal of finding her parents.

Anna and Harper always loved everything country so Tennessee made sense. They found a great house and decideed to go to a bar to celebrate and ended up meeting two great guys, Paisley and Ryder. Anna and Paisley instantly fell for each other and Ryder and Harper just clicked. It even turned out that Ryder and Paisley, who were also best friends, lived on the land right next door to the house that Anna just bought so it was meant to be. After some time these two couples fell completly in love with each other and everything was perfect. Then one day when Harper and Ryder were gone doing their meet the parents trip tragedy showed up in town.

I dont want to give anything away so I won’t say more but this story will seriously throw you for a loop. These two couples are so perfect for eachother. I loved them. They made me want to be in the country with my own country boy!

The writing of this story was so good. I did find a couple of grammatical errors but it definately does not take away from the story and is easy to fix. The Escape made me smile, laugh, cry, tear up, and just have a fuzzy feeling for all of the love! I would recommend this story to anyone over 18 (sexual content). I also re-read this story twice and still loved it. I will probably even read it again. I’m hoping Amber Fast decides to make a part 2 because I would love to read more about Anna, Paisley, Harper, and Ryder!

1000198_546861558708437_1651635304_n       4 Stars

The Vacationista is such a wonderful story. It is a different kind of love story. The main character Patience bought tickets to go to Maui to spend a week long honeymooners vacation with her boyfriend. Little did she know that she would break up with her boyfriend before the trip. Now she has two tickets and nobody to go with.Her friend and boss talks Patience into going anyways and she even takes her to get her legs waxed and a tea leaf reading (thrown in for free) where Patience hears that she will be with 3 men. Afterwards Patience is off to Maui to have a great time and maybe a summer fling or two.

After arriving in Maui Patience finds out that her luggage is not on the plane and she would have to start her vacation with what she is wearing, a bathing suit and anything else in her carry on bag.

First thing Patience does is go out to the swimming pool to tan. She sees a man on his laptop and decides that he isn’t worth her time. Then the fun really starts. Patience meets many people and ends up having a lot of fun and new adventures. She has some mishaps with men but has a pretty good vacation. She does have one great fling before her vacation is over but it wasn’t easy to get there.

When she goes home Patience keeps drifting off thinking about her fling that she just can’t get over. Little does she know that things may change… Oh and her luggage didn’t arrive all week.

This story was so cute without going overboard. I like when I can read a story where you know something is going to happen and can just picture it without hearing all of the TMI info that is going on. Tara did that in this story. I really liked it and would definitely recommend it to anyone. 🙂 I can’t wait to read more from Tara Simone!

81OCcGcnMzL._SL1500_4 Stars

Inevitable was a great read that made me laugh, smile, tear up and get frustrated. The ending did leave the story at a cliff hanger but I know that book 2 will be so good.

I love the characters, Cassandra and Logan. Cassie just got out of a relationship where she found her boyfriend cheating on her and decided to move outside of her small town to a little place that her grandparents left to her.

Logan is a business man and single father, who just happens to be a major playboy. He moved next door to Cassie so that he could be closer to his sisters school so that she can continue to help him out with his four year old son Oliver.

Cassandra first me Logan when she and her friend were out running and they got run off the road by the moving trucks. Then the next day Logan was following her while she ran. Their friendship at the time was strained because she didn’t like that Logan was such a playboy but she loved Oliver. Later on they started to start over and be friends and that worked great until they started to discover their feelings for each other.

The story had a lot of twists and turns but I loved the story. The ending will leave you upset because it just ends but that will make you want to read the next book so much more and luckily it will be out soon. 🙂 Even with the cliff hanger I would definitely recommend!


5 StarsBrandy Dorsch is such a great author. This is her first book but reading feels like she is a pro. I couldn’t put this book down. There were a few surprises and twists that I didn’t expect.

This is a vampire book but not like any others that I have read and definitely not like Twilight. These are hot, and sexy vampires. They have different feeling towards how they live their lives and different ways that they view relationships and friendships. I don’t want to give anything away because I could definitely get carried away in retelling this story.

A must read and something that I will keep on my kindle to read again later. Can’t wait for part 2.

1010522_524067447642458_261829079_n5 Stars

I got this book as a recommendation from a site on Facebook when the book was free and I thought what the heck I will try it out. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. I was sad in the ending though cause i wanted more. I can’t wait for the next book.

Laney is a 10 year old tom boy who just doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, her father, or that her mother is gone. If you start something with her she will finish it. Until one day Evan comes along and finished it for her. When that happens her dad takes him fishing with the two of them to thank Evan and from then on the two of them are best friends. They are there for each other through everything. Then in their senior year at high school Evan decides that he doesn’t want to be just friends anymore. They go out on a date and decide to make their relationship more. Evan got accepted to a different college than Laney so they had to move apart but still wanted to stick to their relationship.

Evan started making more friends at his college and going to a lot of parties with the football team. Laney was making some friends in her dorm but she just couldn’t fully get into it until her dorm roommate took her to a party in their dorm where they move from room to room meeting everyone and they ended up in a room full of guys and that was where she met Dane.

After some time she started falling for Dane but wasn’t sure of how she really felt because she still loved Evan. She didn’t know what to do with her feeling until she could talk to Evan and go from there. She thought Evan might be cheating on her because of all of the parties he has been going to and she just couldn’t figure out if they would actually work out far from each other. As she was at school and hanging out with Dane her feelings just got stronger and stronger for him and not as much for Evan. She decides to go home and end it with Evan.

Through the whole story you see Laney with all of her many new feelings for her life. She has a hard time in the beginning adjusting to being by herself but while reading her story you see her becoming a woman and changing to make her life better.

The end of the book gave a little twist but with this love triangle I was heart broken to see what the outcome was. I can’t wait for part 2. 🙂

thelastboyfriendreal 5 Stars

I loved this story. I loved that the characters Zane and Lucky have a real relationship and not just a totally made up fairy tale.Lucky is a real person with real issues and Zane is working through stuff. I can read this story over and over again. LOVED IT!!!!!!

81oaGcaUiGL._SL1500_ 5 Stars

A Night to Forget is about a girl, Emma, who is having very naughty dreams about a herself and an unknown man. Emma is a virgin and has recently had a break up with her boyfriend because she won’t put out. Their breakup comes at a great time because she and her friends are going to spring break in Cancun.
While Emma is in Cancun she sees her dream guy. Turns out he is real. His name is Brandon.
There are many twists and turns to this story but I can’t give anymore away. This book was great from the first page on and I didn’t want to put it down! A definite must read and can’t wait for more from Jessica Wood!

17858603 5 Stars

I loved, loved, loved this book. The Last Husband started off right where the Last Boyfriend ended. There are a lot of twist and turns but you are in awe on how Lucky and Zane make it through. A lot of surprises. J.S. is a great writer and I can’t wait to read her upcoming stories!

81jHaPg+O3L._SL1500_This was such a good story. A little short at the end. Mostly because I wanted the story to just keep going. I loved it!

51qcZQs8fIL“J.S. Coopers story “the Promise of Tomorrow” was a surprise for me. It was a cute love story but not what I expected when I first started reading. I wish we could find out more of Lucys & Nicks future but then it wouldn’t be a short story. :)”Jessica Woods “love Across the Atlantic” was such a cute story. It was about a boy and girl (Nathan and Alex) who met each other at a college party to find out she was going to England in a couple of days and they had to figure out to make this new relationship work. Loved it but wish I it wasn’t a short story. :)”Confessions of an Online Dater” by Chloe Harrison is such a tease but so cute. Anna made a bet with her friend that she couldn’t meet a good guy online to date in New York and she has gone on a bunch of horrible dates. I know exactly how Anna feels since I had a bunch of horrible dates from the internet before I met my husband. It can happen. Can’t wait to hear more about Anna and Jack. ;)”All I can say about “Summer Loving” by Helen Cooper is Omg hot, hot, hot! I want more. :)”We Meet Again” by Suzi Case is such a lovey dovey story. The main character Gemma meets the other character Jake and she just cant keep a job. Gemma keeps running into him with every job that she tries to get and he cant get enough of her. I love Gemmas character! I think this was my favorite story in the whole book.

51OOeHuRs7LI loved this collection. These stories about about Kingdoms bad 5. The Mad Hatter, Big Bad Wolf, Gerald (Beauty and the Beast), Jinni, and Hook. There is a fairy godmother for everybody in Kingdom and the bad 5 have Danika. She finds out that she has within a year to find each of the charcters soul mates or they will all die. Each of the mates are from the mortal world and when they are made to enter Kingdom they are required to stay there for 3 days which is equal to 3 mortal months. They either fall in love or go back to their world.

The first story is about the Mad Hatter finding his Alice. The second story is Big Bad Wolf finding Red. And the third story is Gerald finding his Beauty.

My favorite is of course the Mad Hatter. He has so much going on in his head that Wonderland just isn’t the same. I love how crazy his mind is and how much he wants Alice, but after so many tries at finding the right one he is tired of trying. Until just maybe this one who enters his life just might be his one true soul mate!

Lots of twists to these stories and right when you think you have it figured out there is another twist. A Must Read!

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