One to Take by Tia Louise




By Tia Louise

© TLM Productions LLC, 2016


~ Stuart ~


When we reach the clump of small trees near the bank, I leave Cheyenne’s reins loose on a scrub bush, but I have to tie Freckles to a branch. I don’t usually tie the horses, but she’s so flighty. I don’t want to have to tell Bill she ran away again—with all his tack.


Mariska takes off with a shriek. “Last one in is a rotten egg!”


Freckles dances in place, but I can’t help a laugh as I watch my fiancée stripping off her top and tossing it aside followed quickly by her bra. Her black mini is next, and in a flash of golden skin and wild chestnut hair she cannonballs into the water, creating a huge splash.


Since I’m clearly the rotten egg in this scenario, I take my time removing my boots and hat and leaving them by the horses. I asked Winona to pack us a snack just in case, and I take the towel off the back of my saddle.


Leaving my shirt with my boots, I walk out onto the weathered wooden pier, collecting discarded items of clothing as I go. Mariska is in the center of the lake dog paddling around.


“It’s so warm!” she calls out. “It was like ice last winter.”


“It was probably about to freeze before the Chinook blew in.”


“What are you waiting for? Get in!” She swims toward the end of the pier and holds the posts as she waits.


I can’t help smiling down at her. Her face is glowing, and she’s so damn happy. What happened earlier today seems far away. “Give me a second.”


Shrugging out of my jeans, I toss them aside and do a shallow-dive into the warm water. Mariska is on me in a second.


“You went commando!” Her bare breasts pressing against my chest cause a definite rise down below.


“We’re on vacation.”


“I wish that worked with bras.”


“You won’t hear me complaining.” I cup her breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers and thumbs, watching her eyes darken.


Her slim hands cover mine, threading our fingers and pulling them away. “Hang on, I want to talk first.”


I do a little growl, wrapping our laced hands around her waist and drawing her flush against me. “Talk second.”


She giggles and chases my lips with hers. Our mouths unite and a little moan tells me all I need to know. Unfastening our fingers, I cup her ass, sliding her up over my waist, I position my head at her entrance, and in a stomach-tingling thrust, we’re together.


Sighs and moans are the only noise surrounding us. We rock together, her soft meeting my hard. In all my life, I’ve only had this with her. I’ve been with other women—some I remember better than others—but it’s not about that. It’s about us, how we complete each other.


I touch her, and she moans. I kiss that little spot behind her ear, and she shivers. She touches me, and my brow feels tight. I can’t think beyond needing her, possessing her, loving her, protecting her.


“Mariska,” I exhale through the pulses of my orgasm. Her slim hands hold my face as our mouths fuse together. Her knees are bent, legs tight around my waist, and I’m deep inside her.


She sighs, and I kiss her again, giving her tongue a suck. Her inner muscles clench, drawing another pulse from me, and I groan. We hold each other so close. Her soft breasts are crushed against my chest, and our bodies touch from face to chest to thigh.


Her lips taste like the fresh water of the lake. I hold her to me, thinking beneath her softness is our baby. The baby we made.


“I love you so much.” I almost sound angry, but shit, it’s only because I mean the words so fiercely.


She exhales a laugh, kissing my chin. “Always so serious. Have I told you how much I love you, my sexy Marine?”


I’m not sure the emotions in my chest can get any tighter. I don’t know the words for how I’m feeling. I’ve never been much for words. Action is what I’m about.


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What Readers are saying about One to Take


” ONE TO TAKE is packed with humor, heartbreak, suspense, and a whole lot of sexy. Five Stars all day long!” -Ilsa Madden-Mills, Wall Street Journal Best-selling Author


“FIVE STARS: Another must read from Tia Louise!” -Kaylee Ryan, USA Today bestselling author


FIVE STARS: “A book that made me smile through my tears, laugh through my anger…” –Give Me Books



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About the Author:


Tia Louise is the Award-Winning, International Bestselling author of the ONE TO HOLD series.


From “Readers’ Choice” nominations, to USA Today “Happily Ever After” nods, to winning the 2015 “Favorite Erotica Author” and the 2014 “Lady Boner Award” (LOL!), nothing makes her happier than communicating with fans and weaving new tales into the Alexander-Knight world of stories.


A former journalist, Louise lives in the center of the USA with her lovely family and one grumpy cat. There, she dreams up stories she hopes are engaging, hot, and sexy, and that cause readers rethink common public locations…


Books by Tia Louise:

One to Hold (Derek & Melissa), 2013

One to Keep (Patrick & Elaine), 2014

One to Protect (Derek & Melissa), 2014

One to Love (Kenny & Slayde), 2014

One to Leave (Stuart & Mariska), 2014

One to Save (Derek & Melissa), 2015

One to Chase (Amy & Marcus), 2015

One to Take (Stuart & Mariska), 2016


The Prince & The Player, coming May 17, 2016!


Paranormal Romances (all stand-alones):

One Immortal (Derek & Melissa, #SexyVampires), 2015

One Insatiable (Koa & Mercy, #SexyShifters), 2015




Connect with Tia:

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Instagram & Twitter: @AuthorTLouise


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