Buccaneer Beauty by: Viola Russell


Buccaneer Beauty
is the story of Grace, Grainne, O’Malley, the beautiful daughter of a powerful
Irish chieftain and a conventional mother.
At the age of eleven, Grainne cuts her hair and sneaks aboard her
father’s galley ship, determined to follow a life at sea and to seek the
company of a handsome Scottish gallowglass, Bruce Donnel.  Grainne proves herself a budding warrior when
Spanish marauders invade her father’s vessel, but her parents have other plans
for her.  Though she proves an able
sailor, Grainne is forced to marry Donal O’Flaherty, another powerful
chieftain. Though enamored of Bruce Donnel, she nonetheless obeys her parents
and proves an able helpmate to her violent and rash husband, continuing her own
adventures at sea while raising children and supervising her husband’s
home.  Her heart, however, still belongs
to a handsome Scot who she can never have.




Upon Donal’s death by ambush, Grainne continues her
adventures along the Irish coast and Europe, secretly battling England’s
growing power in her country.  Alternately
sleeping with the devil or manipulating the British authorities to her own
ends, Grainne is determined to save her family and people from the tyranny
imposed upon them by England. To make her family stronger, she weds Richard
Bourke, one of the most powerful men in the region, but she can never forget
Bruce Donnel and the passion he incited within her soul.  Richard proves Grainne’s most stalwart
supporter and she his, their minds and bodies uniting in an almost mystical
union. Together, they faced the English with no fear—with only audacity and
boundless courage.  Still, the shadow of
a youthful gallowglass intrudes on Grainne’s peace.
Viola Russell is the pen name for Susan Weaver Eble.  A teacher by day, Viola Russell pens her
novels at night and on holidays. She adopted a pseudonym (her grandmother’s
name) so that her students would not find her, but they, ever tech savvy,
discovered her identity. She lives in New Orleans with her amazing husband Ben
and sweet dog.



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