Feel Him Deep by: Lucy Delain

Book: Feel Him Deep
Author: Lucy Delain
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotica

I shouldn’t want her. She isn’t mine.
But I look at the way he treats her and I think I could do better. I look at the life he gives her and I think she’s worth more. I lie awake and I listen to the pair of them, my pulse biting in my throat, and I pretend the world is different. That it’s me in his place. What the hell’s happened to me? Used to be that I just took what I wanted. Now I’m a ticking time bomb, caught in the creeping vines of my obsession. God help us all if I go off.
I shouldn’t look at him the way I do. I’m married to his brother.
He’s moved back into the family house—the one we live in, the one passed down from their grandfather—and I’m trapped between the pair of them. My husband is only home for three days a week, and even then, he’s temperamental. But when he leaves, there’s Hugo. When he comes home, there’s still Hugo. And when I close my eyes, there’s only Hugo, his breathless words falling over me in the dark…
Author Bio

Lucy Delain writes shameless erotica. She believes in fuck-me-ever-afters, likes anything cherry flavoured, and has no business spending so much money on handbags. She lives in the UK with her family, who are slightly worried about what she writes, and her cat, who has perfected Resting Bitch Face suspiciously well for a dude.

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