Seven’s Diary by Dawn Robertson


Happy Release Day!

Seven’s Diary: A Novella is LIVE!

Since y’all have read Hers, and really wanted more of Seven James…Dawn Robertson decided to go back to where it all began. Seven’s Diary is a short story that tells us more about her and how she became the woman she is today.

Once upon a time, I had a life before Levi.
It’s a time that is sometimes hard for me to remember.
But with our lives on the brink of disaster caused only by my own actions, and solely my past… It is time for me to give the world a look at my deepest and sometimes darkest thoughts.

This is Seven’s Domme Diary. 
A look at life before Levi.
A peek into life before Hers.
Will you ever be able to look at Seven the same again?

Disclaimer: Seven’s Diary is a short story, approximately 17,125 words which takes place BEFORE Hers. We learn more about Seven James, and questions that we were left wondering after Hers are answered. This is not a full novel. 

This book contains adult content, MMF situations as well as FFM situations.

Right now, Seven’s Diary is live on
Amazon & Nook!
Get your copy today!

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