The Love Trials by J.S. Cooper & Helen Cooper


The Love Trials is Now Live!
And only $0.99


Did you enjoy The Ex Games and The Private Club? Well, have I got news for you. The new serial The Love Trials is here!!

Grab your copy now! It is only $0.99!!

Get it on:

Check my blog post here for links on Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo as they haven’t gone live yet. I will update the post as soon as the book goes live on the different sites!

The Love Trials

She thought she knew what was between the sheets, but she really had no idea.

I thought I knew what I was getting into when I received the invitation from the lovers academy. I thought I was going for love. I had no idea that the lovers academy cared more about what happened between the sheets than it did a meeting of the minds and souls.

This isn’t your regular love story. My Prince Charming didn’t ride up on a white horse and come and save me. In fact, he warned me to stay away from him. Of course, I didn’t listen. Why would I? There’s something so exciting about going after someone you shouldn’t have.

However, I never thought it would be like this. I’ve never felt so conflicted in my life. No one told me that being bad could feel so good. No one told me that when the big bad wolf tells you to run away and hide, you should listen.

If I’d only known just how far from charming my prince was, I would have ignored the invitation.

Readers of this serial should be prepared for a wild sexy ride.

The Love Trials 2 will be out on June 9th 
The Love Trials 3 will be out on June 16th

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